Our Lodge
We currently meet at the Masonic Hall Rainbow Hill. This building dates back to 1959 and is set on land previously occupied by Grove House. Worcester Lodges have been held at various venues in the city since the early 1700’s. These included Yates Wine Lodge Mealcheapen Street (now Reindeer Court) in around 1745, 95 High Street (Waterstones Bookshop) around 1805, The Bell Hotel Broad Street around 1850 and latterly Trinity Street (formerly the Co-op) prior to moving to Rainbow Hill in 1959.

In 1909 the majority of the founding members had strong connections with Worcester City, both professionally and demographically. Today our membership covers a much wider geographical spread with many diverse professions and occupations being represented in the Lodge and, judging by the picture below, a younger age range. There are, of course, a number of members who have retired from work but it is interesting to note that the average age of our members is now much lower that it used to be, which probably accounts for the healthy and refreshing modern outlook that applies to all our members both young and those of a more senior disposition, whose experience is always invaluable and one of our principal assets. Page Lodge is not the oldest Lodge meeting in Worcester but it has for many years been the largest and with a steady flow of new members clearly it is one of the most popular. Today Page Lodge has over 50 members with our most senior member having joined the Lodge in April 1946.

Social events
As you will see from the events we arrange in addition to our regular meetings and the enjoyment we get from our social activities, we place a great deal of importance on each others company both Masonic and non- Masonic– hence the common observation within the fraternity, that freemasons in general are friends you have yet to meet.

We are looking forward to celebrating our centenary in September 2009, to mark the occasion, and to celebrate our association with the City of Worcester, we will continue our support for local charities with donations totalling some twenty five  thousand pounds.

A brief history of Page Lodge
Early in the year 1909, a group of young Worcester freemasons approached the deputy Provincial Grand Master, W. T. Page with proposals for the formation of a new lodge in the City. A meeting of those interested was held on 23rd January 1909, as a result of which it was resolved that those present should found a new lodge to be named “The Page Lodge” and that W. Bro. W. T. Page should be the Worshipful Master designate. A week later, on 30th January 1909, a further meeting was held, and the Petition for the new lodge was signed by all twenty six founders. This Petition was supported by Semper Fidelis Lodge No. 529.

The Consecration Ceremony took place at the Guildhall Worcester on 10th September 1909, and was carried out by the Very Worshipful Bro. Sir Edward Letchworth, Grand Secretary, assisted by other Grand and Provincial Grand Officers.

Today Page Lodge has over 50 members with our most senior brother having joined the lodge in April 1946.

Friends you have yet to meet...

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The Guildhall in  Worcester early 1900 by Thomas White, (a protégée of Sir Christopher Wren). Below as it looks today.

Original Page Lodge members circa 1909.

William Thomas Page

A Founder and first Master of Page Lodge